Bird's-eye. Sky-high. We fly.

Due to their small size and quiet operation our aerial drones are able to get much lower and tighter to the action, offering the possibility for one of a kind angles. They are also more cost effective than hiring a full scale helicopter or aircraft platform. This allows us to keep your budget down or achieve much greater aerial coverage for your money.

Although Element 8 Studios is a new name in the film industry, our team has years of experience behind them working in large feature productions. You can be sure you’re dealing with someone well versed in shot composition, camera direction and the demands and etiquette of working on a film set.

While their applicability for high-end feature work is obvious, the lower cost of drones gives independent and documentary filmmakers, corporate video and other lower budget productions access to these kinds of visuals. By using the latest aerial video equipment, we capture images the can only be described as one-of-a-kind.

Full 4K HD aerial recording.

Element 8 Studios is capable of capturing highly specialized close range aerial media for creative clients throughout the Fraser Valley. We use the latest in aerial video technology to capture amazing imagery in beautiful 4K quality. Aerial videography is perfect fgr all markets; commercials, music videos, real estate, construction, and more. We can remotely capture live footage and are able to monitor every shot from the ground to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Element 8 Studios offers a unique experience which allows our clients to take control of the camera while we fly. If you have a shot in mind, you can capture it!

Aerial Video Services

Real Estate

We are able to offer an entirely new perspective on real estate marketing by taking to the skies. Aerial videography in real estate offers customers more than just an advertisement or listing photos, it offers a way to tell a story. Element 8 Studios will showcase any property as the shining gem it really is.


Capturing unique aerial video footage from a bird’s-eye view is becoming a popular request. Outdoor wedding venues are often chosen for their beautiful scenery; drones can capture more of what makes the celebration special than ever before. Not getting married? That's ok, we can film any event!


In addition to event videography, we also offer unique photo opportunities to capture the moment from a bird’s-eye view. Aerial photography is a great way to remember your special events in their entirety. It is also a great way to advertise reat estate without opting for the full production.

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